Special Note to Parents:


As we all know, all schools and colleges are now hybrid for the foreseeable future. Students will now be required to learn from educational platforms, check their portal systems and emails and communicate via video to their teachers. This is a very important and necessary process in keeping up with the curriculum. 


CCS Academics wants to help out in any way possible for those who would like some private tutoring. We will be offering affordable tutoring in any subject for any age. The tutoring will be offered virtually on a free and safe platform so your child can learn in the confines of their home with the assistance of a professional teacher who is also home from work. 

Simply email us at: ccsacademicsmadesimple@gmail.com

Let us know what type of tutoring you are interested in and we will make it work. Thank you and stay safe!

     - CCS Academics CEO Tommy Cannella