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      Randy Taveras

         Salesian HS '15    

           Marist College '19


"The journey with this man started when I stepped onto the field at Salesian HS. First practice off the bat, we went to work. It was the beginning of a tremendous and historic expedition. Coach Cannella orchestrated the young Salesian squad and developed us into beasts for varsity. The thing that stands out the most about Coach is the accurate advice he gave me. Throughout my process from Salesian to Three Rivers in Missouri to Marist College and now at post graduation, Coach was a big factor to my success and I thank him everyday. Not only does Coach care and love the ones he helps, he challenges them to succeed and grow. If it wasn't for Coach, I would have never got all of my credits transferred to Marist and I would have been behind academically, needing an extra year in order to graduate. Instead, I saved an entire year in tuition and graduated on time, regardless of the transfer from JUCO to D1." 

Robert Schmuck

Archbishop Molloy HS '16

Jefferson Community College (2016-2018

Baruch College (Present)


"In my search for a school to transfer to, Mr. Cannella made that process easy to understand for myself and my parents. He was able to provide me with important information quickly and accurately, especially when it pertained to my credit audit . From the fast return on my credit audit, I was able to determine division eligibility create a plan of action with Mr. Cannella for the best possible outcome for a new school. With the help of Mr. Cannella, I was able to transfer and transition to my new school Baruch College for the 2020 season. Without his help, this would not have been possible." 

Justin Grullon

All Hallows HS '18

CNR (2018-19)

West. Conn. St. (2019- Present)


"Coach Cannella has been a very important figure in my life. He was the only college coach that recruited me out of high school. Throughout the process, he always made sure I had done everything on time and that I was alright. Going to college, Coach Cannella made me feel comfortable and was always on top of me about my grades, which I always appreciated. In baseball, he gave me the opportunity to be the best version of myself. He didn't only teach me to become a better baseball player, but he taught me how to approach the game in a different way. Starting with how much sleep I get, to the way I warm up before a game. Coach Cannella taught me lessons that I will use in baseball and for the rest of my life. With our school closing, it was really hard for me. Coach Cannella was with me the entire way in the process of finding a new school and he helped me find a new home at Western Connecticut State. One of the first things he told us was, "In five years, I want to see you with a suit and tie going to a job interview," and that's something that always resonates with me. At that moment, I knew I had a friend for life. 

Brian Rapillo

Iona Prep HS '17

Dean College (2017-19)

Centenary University

(2019- Present)


"Tommy was helpful with my transfer process. Looking at schools was the easy part. Of course academics comes first as well as playing baseball but figuring out the right school for me to play was hard. Besides emailing them while signing the release form and contact form in order to talk to other coaches, Tommy helped pave the way for me to get onto another team. He knew my game as much as my old coaches out there and he helped get the word out to other teams. He helped me send videos of my game out to other universities, told them everything that I can do potentially to help the ball club. He knew my strengths and weaknesses as a player and how to improve my game. He knew the best fit for me as a player and where my game would play well with and how it could translate to the diamond. Without him and this transfer process, I don’t know where I would be."

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